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CIC ART is an art trail in Haywards Heath and has been going since 2013. Over the years it has seen contribtions from, amonst others, the following artists: Oathall School, Lauren Alderslade, Edith Barton, Irene Marot, Alasdair Craig, Lorraine Kelly, June Frickleton, Paul Badham, Jane French, Katy Gardner, Tessa Land Smith, Mike Walker, Theo Parr, Jean Luc Brouard, Phillipp Cannan, David Armitage, Hazel Brook, Jo Starkey, Christine Tongue, Helen Brown, Guy Portelli, Garry Goodman, Jo Hodder, Liz Toole, Jenny Lock, Alex May and artists from our French & German Twin Towns.
Our regualr retailers include Grape & Grain, Ouh-la-la, Theo Browns, NatWest, RE:Ab Physio Centre, R&R STevenson,  Baldwins, Big Life Organics, Lloyds Bank, Ice, Waterstones, Locks & Cobblers, Bay Tree, The Orchards, Frootie Juices, Nostalgia, Leightons, Class BArbers, Salon 46 High Street, Co-op Funeral Care, Vanilla, Wisdom Sports, Haywards Heath Town Council, RockAbility, Broadbridges, Funpots, Izzy Party Shops, Norman Hobbs, Klod hoppers, Antaris Flooring, Cochaise Mills and Ecotecture.
'I had a really enjoyable day and congratulations on another successful Art Trial for our town. It was lovely to see our twinning towns included and its a lovely platform to celebrate our local Artists and to have such a unique public gallery for them to display in. This Art Trial not only supports our arts and crafts but also helps the local shops and businesses in our town.​' Sandy Ellis, Mayor of Haywards Heath.
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